Nepal – the biggest hub of alpine adventure and Buddhist Culture

Nepal das Land meiner Träume, ein Wunschziel, ein Land, das mich fasziniert. Noch war ich nicht dort, aber wie der Zufall (gibt es diesen überhaupt?) will, hat mich Thapaliya Bashudev ein Nepalesi darum gebeten, Nepal und sein dort ansässiges Unternehmen etwas zu unterstützen. Er selbst war schon hier in den Alpen, wie viele andere seiner Landsmänner. Viele von ihnen arbeiten auf den AV-Hütten. Als begeisterter Freund von Nepal unterstütze ich ihn natürlich gerne. Seinen Beitrag über Nepal möchte ich Euch daher nicht vorenthalten. Vielleicht beginnt der eine oder andere von Euch, wie ich, davon zu träumen. Viel Spaß bei wunderschönen Träumen von einem Land, das viel mehr kann, als nur mit 8000ern zu glänzen.

Million of travelers across the globe seek a destination that is charmingly different to their native place and Nepal is definitely one of them. A beautiful landlocked country in South Asia, Nepal borders China with Himalayan giants to the north and India with resourceful lowlands in south, east and west.

Having eight 8000ers out of 14 and the stretch of 1700 kilometers of Himalayas make Nepal the biggest hub for alpine adventures. Amongst the adventurous travelers, this piece of paradise on earth is known for the greatest alpine adventures it caters.


It has almost been six decades since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first conquered the world’s summit Everest back in 1953. Since then the mountaineers from different parts of the world visit Nepal every year with the objective of trekking or mountaineering. The northern Nepal is like the systematically arranged sequence of gargantuan mountains, which includes the world’s highest peak Everest and several other 8000m+ peaks. Nepal and high Altitude Mountains are undoubtedly the synonyms to each other. However, the geographical topography of Nepal shares the strange bond of 300ft altitude terai belt to the highest altitude of the world 29035 ft.

The chain of these mountains probably glitters like the massive silver castle during the full moon night. The cold wind in the Himalayas brings the recreated life during the bright daylights. The fusion of highly equipped mountaineering kits and the ever-helping and veteran Sherpa mountaineers brings the perfection to these expeditions. The mountaineering expeditions here in Nepal is full of choices in terms of altitude, number of days, level of difficulty and adventure preferred.  The heights for expedition ranges from 5000+ peaks to 8000+ peaks including the Everest. The well-trained squad at the site as well as at the clerical level is intelligent and watchful enough to effortlessly overcome every sort of tribulations during mountaineering expeditions in Nepal.

The holy spirits dwell in the Himalayas, as it is the place with absolute tranquility. The natives of Himalayas; Sherpas are known for their kindness and bravery. Among the very rare places in the world Himalayas in Nepal, stand tall. Himalaya is the nature and the ultimate beauty in the nature. No hustles and no bustle it is simply cool and beautiful. Many Himalayan regions are yet to be explored and untouched. The mysterious Himalayas have bounty of clandestine at its every bends.


Mountaineering expedition in Nepal gives an opportunity to encounter the enriched cultures of different communities on the way to destination. The Himalayas in Nepal provides the mountain expeditors with the unique blend of high altitude mountains and that even in profuse figures. The mountaineering expedition in Nepal provides the prospect for adventurous and cultural trip and ends with lifetime memorable venture.

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